Meet the Team


Adrian is an electrician by trade that decided to join the cannabis industry at the beginning of legalization. A day one team member; He helped Wiid lay down the groundwork for the Saskatchewan market.

Weekly Bud Pick

Blueberry (Spinach)


Braedyn is a full-time tradesman and supplements his income by working in the legal cannabis market. He joined the Wiid team in July of 2019.

Weekly Bud Pick

Bubba Kush (CannaFarms)

Graham aka “Grom”

Graham is a Biology major at the University of Regina. He supports his education by working in the cannabis industry part-time. He joined our team in May 2019.

Weekly Bud Pick

Prairie Poppy P/R (Wildlife)


Hailing from Montreal, Jade followed a railroad job west and found herself in Saskatchewan. She joined the legal cannabis market in October 2019.

Weekly Bud Pick

Jean Guy (7 Acres)


Kiran is a multi-talented individual. He balances his time between working as a DJ, producer and managing his own clothing line. Also skilled with photoshop and graphic art, Kiran generates media for our social and slideshows.

Weekly Bud Pick

Glueberry OG (Benchmark)

Matt aka “Dougie”

Previously a Non-Destructive Engineer in the steel industry; Matt decided to leave his trade and join the legal cannabis market in September 2019.

Weekly Bud Pick

PrairiePoppy P/R (Wildlife)


Melissa is a valued member of the original Wiid family. The Uhersky’s were responsible for setting up one of the first legal Cannabis shops in the province. Their model set the bar for the rest of the market. Melissa fills multiple roles, working as a budtender, manager, customer relations, and purchasing for accessories.

Weekly Bud Pick

Think Fast (Benchmark)


Steven comes from an electrical & lighting sales background. He is another day one team member that helped lay the groundwork for the Saskatchewan market. He also holds the shop title for being the “Most Chill” team member.

Weekly Bud Pick

Lemon Zoom (Mediwanna)

Our Greeting Staff