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The Canadian vaporizer maker, AirVape places the Xs GO to stand out among other “GO” vaporizers made by other companies for its remarkable quality. If you’re familiar with the trends in the vaporizer world, you might realize that “GO” is a popular name for vaporizers these days, for example; the Arizer GO. Read on to find out what makes the AirVape Xs GO stands out among the others.

Double up
It features a hybrid of the conduction and convection vaporizing method. The AirVape Xs GO implements the hybrid method for an elevated experience. Together with the dual filter for an extra smooth vapor, it eliminates inhalation of small particles even though you may have taken a dangerously fast draw. Forget coughing or annoyingly itchy feeling in your throat, but expect the pure and potent vapor from the herbs you vaporize with the AirVape Xs GO.

Heating up
The AirVape Xs GO comes with an oval-shaped ceramic heating chamber that preserves the pure taste of the material vaporized. Featuring the signature EZ AirPath like its predecessor, the electrical components of the Xs GO are entirely isolated. It comes with enhanced ceramic airflow. For an even and smooth convection heating, the AirVape Xs GO comes with a compartment that accumulates hot air.

Power up
The AirVape Xs GO features a 1200mAh removable battery that allows quick heat up in only 20 seconds. Featuring five temperature settings of 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 207°C and 215°C the AirVape Xs GO supports pass-through technology. It allows users to utilize the vaporizer while being plugged into the wall. So you may use the highest setting of 215°C as long as you want whenever you find a socket to plug it in. In the case of a long day outside at a festival or anywhere with no electricity available, you may easily bring another battery and change the battery when it’s flat.

Easy up
It may be not the thinnest vaporizer from AirVape, but the Xs GO is one of the super lightweight vaporizers in the market that weighs at only 57 grams (2 oz). Measuring 9.6 cm x 2.54 cm x 3.3 cm in dimension, the AirVape Xs GO features only one button for an easy fool-proof operation suitable for anyone who loves convenience.



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