Blackberry Ice Cream (18twelve)

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Medium to large buds with a pungent and sweet fruit aroma with hints of gas and kush. Effects manifest as a heavy hitting indica that starts with an uplifting sensation and ends with deep relaxation. Smooth inhale and fruity exhale.

1 review for Blackberry Ice Cream (18twelve)

  1. Jason Berezowski (verified owner)

    This stuff is a good value. Buds were massive and trimmed nicely. Not overly dry. Inhale is very smooth with a really mild but pleasant taste. Very strong aroma from the smoke. Starts VERY uplifting, heady but not overpowering at all. Keeps you “up” for a long time then gradually eases off into a very relaxing and mellow experience without causing fatigue. The key with this one seems to be smoking a large amount up front, letting it gradually ease you down into a nice calm mellow mood and then re-dosing lightly.

    Great stuff. Would gladly have it again.

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