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DYNATHRIVE CBD soft chews combine the crisp flavour of Canadian apple juice, the brightness of real apple cider vinegar and 10mg of CBD isolate into each bright, tart, naturally flavoured serving. Our purified CBD isolate is precisely dosed so that your experience is controlled and consistent every time. They’re the perfect treat to help you make the most of your daily activities.

1 review for CBD Gummies (DynaThrive)

  1. Crazy.CBD.Lady

    I have officially bought 4 packs of these! Lol. I wanted to make 2021 the year that I try to be more healthy and decided to try cbd every day. I eat two of these a day. One at lunch and one at supper. They taste exactly like apple juice!!! I really like that they come in a pack of 30. Means I don’t have to go out as much. Lasts me 15 days. See you every 15 days my friends at Wiid! My mood and skin thanks you ? I feel great!

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