Cherry Boat Full Spect. LR Syrup 510 Cart (Port North)


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Port North Live Rosin Syrup AVD Vape Carts offer mobile dosing with smooth robust flavours that deliver effective, clean and controlled experiences. 100% solventless extract, without the use of chemicals, solvents, cuts, fillers, or flavour additives. Sungrown, LSO whole plant fresh frozen material grown to its full potential. Bred, selected and grown by 7 Farms Down, in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Live Rosin Syrup is made from full spectrum, strain-specific water hash harvested during peak flower to capture the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and a high amount of cannabis derived terpenes. Cherry Boat’s lineage is (Cherry Pie x Chem 91) x Top Dog Chem x 11 Week Pink Kush S1.

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