Cosmic Cola Indica Craft Soda (Zele)

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Sip back and put your feet up with this fast-acting, full-spectrum indica Cosmic Cola. Crisp and refreshing with a futuristic twist, this natural craft-brewed ultimate classic is loaded with 10mg of tasteless THC to transport your taste buds to a nostalgically chill dimension.

2 reviews for Cosmic Cola Indica Craft Soda (Zele)

  1. Lisa M.

    Was disappointed with this one. It does not compare with the Keef sodas. I found this one very flat and to sweet for a cola. Flavour was ok at first but then left a bad aftertaste. The best way to describe it as a no name soda without the fizz.

  2. pavlyon

    tastes like a sugar cane cola, rather than a coca cola. soda fans will enjoy. the terpenes make a huge difference on effects

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