D3NALI (Erbaceous) Seeds

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An indoor sativa that is easy to grow that we call D 3 N A L I
the genetic heritage of this seed line is from super silver haze and lemon skunk

Averaging about 3 feet in height and resistant to botrytis, our D 3 N A L I seed line is great for the home grower, flowering within 56-65 days
with a fragrant lemon pepper aroma from limonene and caryophyllene terpenes and average THC percentage of 20%, D 3 N A L I is sure to be a favourite in your garden
plan for ways to support your crop of D 3 N A L I, as the yield can sometimes become too heavy for the plant.

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4 reviews for D3NALI (Erbaceous) Seeds

  1. Lightning

    This is a good one.
    Best one yet.

  2. Katlynn

    Mine is 5 feet atm in preflower. Outdoor grow

  3. Casey Shayan

    Very sticky which is good however I’ve tried these a bunch of times now out of 36 seeds 100 % of them were hermaphrodite. Like it however I’ve lost so many crops to pollination from them, it’s a waste of time

  4. Maximus

    I agree with Casey 3 out of the 4 we’re Hermys. Will not ever use again.

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