Emerald Indica (Emerald)

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Emerald’s Indica is grown in British Columbia at our state-of-the-art craft facility in Metro-Vancouver. The moss green arrow-shaped buds are speckled with amber hair and coated in resin from a myriad of crystal trichomes. The flowers are bursting with the classic Indica aroma or earthy-sweet and spicy notes. Indica strains have been described as best suited for relaxing activities.
Durga Mata Strain

2 reviews for Emerald Indica (Emerald)

  1. Tony Biddle (verified owner)

    This is a true Emerald Goddess.
    TerP profile reminds me of Moby Dick. Nose is So fruity with something I can’t identify, but fell immediately in love with.
    True Gem right here.
    At $129 it’s a steal. 3/4 of the nugs are hard and dense. Rest aren’t and seem to be lower grade buds. 1 ToP weighing in at 4.6, so that’s nice. Another 15 all 1 gram dense nugs.
    The taste follows thru and floods the room with an exceedingly pleasant Aroma…No skunk funk or peppery smell here. Any connoisseur will enjoy. I would love to create a full spectrum extract from this strain.
    This is in my Top 3 from WiiD.

  2. cLiNtY (verified owner)

    Good high at a great price point !!!
    Tastes nice, smells decent and looks just fine…

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