Houndstooth (Tweed) – 1g

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THC: 18.0%

CBD: <0.10%

Houndstooth is a THC strain and sativa-dominant hybrid. Its buds have a nice purple hue and possess a complex aroma from the terpenes myrcene, which tends to have a sweet and earthy scent, as well as caryophyllene, which is also found in cloves. It also has notes of pine from pinene and citrus from limonene.

Strain: CandyLand (GSC x GrandDaddy Purple)


1 review for Houndstooth (Tweed) – 1g

  1. RX-W3eD

    First time buyer of this strain, opening the container I was greeted with an interesting aroma a kind of citrusy / herbal / earthy smell. Buds look nice and dense, dry, however some trim is still attached.

    The smoke has a bite to it, to me its not that pleasant. The high is ok, I was expecting something a bit different for a sativa.

    How I felt or what it did : mellow, strong taste (kinda burns), creative, pain relief, relaxed, in control.

    All in all I’m rating this product a 3 as its not the worst stuff I’ve had but it is definitely not the best. I myself would not buy this product again.

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