Ice Cream Cake (Grump Weed)

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Grump Weed adds to their repertoire of decadent, high potency strains with Ice Cream Cake. This wildly popular fusion of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, has realized its full potential in Grump’s high tech, small-batch environment.
Boasting over 5% Terpenes, effects of Grump Ice Cream Cake are greatly increased and include a warm, relaxing body stone. Flavours are as delicious as the name would suggest.
Lavishing attention like only a master Craft Grower can do, Grump has perfected Ice Cream Cake, and the frosty results speak for themselves.

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1 review for Ice Cream Cake (Grump Weed)

  1. Master Kief

    This small can packs a big punch. Super frosty buds with a smell that you can taste just by opening the can. I was blown away with how potent the smell was with this bud. Purchase this while its still available.

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