Passion (Dosist)

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11:1 THC to CBD

May help with:
Heightened sensation
Enhanced connection
Mood elevation

THC-dominant formula with terpenes designed to deliver a euphoric feeling to increase connectivity and heighten your experiences.

Terpene Profile: Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Limonene

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2 reviews for Passion (Dosist)

  1. Josh

    Horrible! I should have heeded the reviews on other sites. Have taken a total of 11 doses and it stopped working. (50 dose pen)
    Just bought the pen 4 days ago. Needless to say for the cost there is no frickin way this should be happening. DO NOT PURCHASE!! DOSIST IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM!!

    • Mary Jane

      Hi Josh,
      Please bring the dosist pen in and we’ll be sure to exchange it for you.

  2. Steveo

    Super impressed by this product so I had to write about it. Very nice flavour, soft feels on the throat and wispy vapour exhale. Budtenders explained that it wouldn’t make me super high despite the high thc content, as it is more catered to the medical aspects. Definitely as the name describes!!! I’m at roughly 30 uses and the liquid is just less than the half way mark. Looks like I’m on track for the 50 uses.

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