Sensi Star (Spinach)

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At Spinach we have High Expectations for our Farm-to-Bowl products, and safety testing is one of the few things we take seriously. This frosty, hand-trimmed, nighttime indica is known for its sweet, sour, piney, and fruity aromas that comes from the strain’s myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpene profile. Sensi Star is reported to produce a relaxing effect. Get Your Greens.

3 reviews for Sensi Star (Spinach)

  1. Master Kief

    Sensi star is one of those strains that always packs a punch. After my first bowl I get strong cerebral effects, an elevated mood, and a nice feeling of euphoria. Perfect for those nights when you just want to relax and disconnect from society. Over do it and sedation will start to take effect sooner than intended.

    Quality from Spinach has always been above average and they have a killer price. Buds usually have a nice crisp cure to them, to soften them up throw a Boveda pack inside your tin.

  2. Chris El Chapo

    Just got 3.5 Sensi and Kief .
    I’m a daily smoker lol. My tolerance is high. I like heavy Indica. A couple of hoots of Sensi got me lit lol ??
    Thanks WIID

  3. Chris El Chapo

    23.1%THC I say higher
    Pretty good high. I thought I was goin to need Kief lol not at all .
    This strain is one BAD ASS BANDITO
    Thanks WIID ?

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