Sour Z3 (EastCann)

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EastCann’s Sour Z3 is a high potency sativa which gives a very energetic and uplifting buzz.

EastCann packs a relaxing and sociable high that will have you feeling good in no time at all. The perfect bud for kicking back. The bud stimulates the mind while relaxing the body, keeping your spirits high and your physical state totally pain-free. This bud is spicy, sour, and has a lemon taste.

1 review for Sour Z3 (EastCann)

  1. basstich

    Just tried the Sour Z3 by EastCann and it is amazing. Insane trichomes and a dense nug. Earthy citrus aroma and flavor not bad. Decently smooth on the lungs. @ 32.7% THC it definitely packs a punch to match the numbers.

    The high is very uplifting and spacey. Good strain to lose yourself in.

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