Sourdough (North 40)

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Definitely not your Grandmas Sour Dough! An extremely well-balanced hybrid of gelato, Chem and cookies, Sour Dough checks all the boxes from high THC, visual appeal to a unique terpene profile. Trichome crusted buds boast complex flavors of warm doughy sourness tucked perfectly into soaring notes of lemon, sweet gasoline, and pine.

3 reviews for Sourdough (North 40)

  1. 7(-_-)L

    This was packed like a week or two ago. Popcorn nugs, bone dry and brittle, smells and tastes and smokes like garbage.

    I want my 50 bucks back. I have never felt more cheated or convinced they just lied about what they actually packed.

    What a waste.

  2. Nextinline

    Definitely enjoyed this offering from North 40 , I found it very similar in quality to the farm gas but had a bit of a heavier overall feeling.
    Potent sour smells led way to an earthy tart smoke. Though small and dense the fresh buds in my bag were covered in crystal.

  3. Ella

    Love Gord’s product! Great local producer!

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