STO:LO Haze (All Nations)


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STO:LO Haze is a sativa with light green buds, a frosty coating of trichomes, and aromas of earth, citrus and spice. Produced on STO:LO traditional territory, weaving Indigenous practices with craft cultivation methods, resulting in high THC and terpene concentrations.

Stó?l? is the Halqemeylem word for “river”, and from the Shxwhá:y Village comes Stó?l? Haze, a sativa that combines both energizing and relaxing genetics. Explore the refreshing and boosting terpenes from Super Silver Haze crossed with the cozy body high of Northern Lights. Stó?l? Haze is grown using traditional growing practices with water from S’olh Temexw, the Stó:l? traditional territory.
25-32% THC | 3-4% Terpenes
Hang dried | Hand trimmed | Craft quality

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