Watermelon Zkittlez (Tenzo)

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An Indica-Dominant Hybrid that engulfs the senses with mouth watering flavour & strong mango aromas. This smooth & balanced strain packs a high terpene content with spectacular olive green & purple hued buds, covered in frosty trichomes.

Indoor grown with precise nutrient management, hang dried, meticulously hand-trimmed, expertly cured and delicately packaged.

2 reviews for Watermelon Zkittlez (Tenzo)

  1. Steveo

    Aroma and taste are super sweet. Effects came on quick and lasted a long time. SMOOOOTH smoke. Can’t wait to pick some more up!

  2. Jb

    Best legal weed i have had to date. It was so fresh, it was packed only a month before i bought and vaped it. It smelled awesome and had a watermelon candy taste on the inhale. It picked me up. I felt so damn good! We listened to to music and my whole body just completely melted, while i just got happier. Great Saturday night strain. This will be my new go too on the weekends.

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