24K Hybrid Full Spect. 510 Vape Cart (Debunk)

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DEBUNK Flavour Spectrum 1.0 g Vapes combine the natural full spectrum flavours of cannabis with custom blends of flavourful strain specific terps. All DEBUNK vapes come packaged in custom, strain specific hardware.
Hailing from Amsterdam, you just know this cross between Tangie and Kosher Kush cross will deliver. 24k Gold is a full-bodied hybrid that hits different, delivering an obsessively tasty flavour profile of apricot, fruit cocktail, and deep earthy Kush. DEBUNK’s proprietary flavour spectrum blends terps give you the true plant entourage that you need from your weed, without sacrificing potency and flavour.
Full Flavour. Full Entourage.

2 reviews for 24K Hybrid Full Spect. 510 Vape Cart (Debunk)

  1. basstich

    One of the best carts I’ve had to date. Amazing golden pineapple gummy bear flavour and nice balanced full spec high

  2. ames152

    Nice balanced high, and the best flavored cart I’ve ever had, honestly. Most I feel lose their flavor as you smoke them but this has retained its juicy fruity flavor the whole time.

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