A-Mint (Truro Cannabis)

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Truro A-Mint (aka ‘Animal Mints Bx1’) is a unique Indica-Dominant hybrid of Wedding Cake and Animal Mints Bx1 with a pine, earthy, citrus aroma and beautiful frosty buds. Truro A-Mint is proudly grown on the East Coast in Truro, Nova Scotia in our state-of-the-art production facility, where each bud is carefully cultivated, dried, cured, trimmed and packaged according to the high specifications of our experienced production team.

3 reviews for A-Mint (Truro Cannabis)

  1. cLiNtY (verified owner)

    Well worth the dollar, nice flowers no complaints…

  2. Darick

    Good stuff. Great price.


  3. Master Kief

    Great product. Still one of the top ounces sold imo. Strong piney, kush tones. Can’t get enough of this wedding cake cross.

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