Banana Punch (APL)

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There’s no split around it – Nana Punch is a sweet, dessert-like hybrid that tastes as good as it smells. A blend between the two well-known strains Banana OG and Purple Punch, the smooth, mellow, and balanced terpene profile delights the senses with its tropical pineapple flavour, bursts of ripe banana, and notes of spicy berry. Nana Punch is a potent combo of two hard-hitting strains typically reserved for experienced smokers. It has about 21% THC and smells of banana, fruity spice, and candy. Nana Punch comes in nugs that are frosty and covered in a heavy layer of purple and orange trichomes.

3 reviews for Banana Punch (APL)

  1. Master Kief

    One of the best bulk options I’ve picked up so far. Was nervous about grabbing a product from a new-to-me company, let alone a large amount, but these guys pulled through. Upon opening the 15g bag, you will be greeted with large light green nugs covered in trichomes. Great taste and a great smoke. This hybrid strain gives off a powerful high that actually has longevity to it. Nice heady vibes with a little body effect to calm you down. 9.5/10

  2. M. Brown

    Bought the 15 gram pouch yesterday and was more then pleased with the content. Well manicured large buds with a pleasing smell and a better then most taste. Buzz is quite strong and heady . Couch candy for sure. Great before bed sleep aid. Overall very pleased with purchase,

  3. Nathan

    Bought 5/22/2021. Good, not great. It’s what you expect a $30 bag to be. ‘Heady’ is the word. Good for a date with the couch, or bed. Clean smoke. 3.5g are cheaper per gram than the 7g bags.

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