Blue Widow (Kush Kraft)

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Blue Widow is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. This flower will have a strong, sweet aroma that may also include sour citrus or pine. The buds can be
colorful, with tints of blue and purple, and should have a coat of long orange hairs.

2 reviews for Blue Widow (Kush Kraft)

  1. Nate

    I purchased K.K. Blue Widow 4/29/2021. It was on sale and for good reason :/ This was my first try of KushKraft product and I feel like I got ditch.

    It doesn’t taste or smell like like blueberry. It’s a half hour high. Blue Widow isn’t the greenest strain, but these buds are very pale and are the opposite of firm and dense. Lots of crystal, but I think the grower goofed.

  2. Paul

    Picked up an 1/8 for $35 and it’s ditch weed 1st and last time buying this it’s mostly leaf

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