Bubble Rolls Infused (Canna Farms) Pre-Roll

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Canna Farms 2 X 0.5g Pink Kush Bubble Rolls are meticulously crafted and packed by-hand. Each 0.5g Bubble Roll, includes a 1:1 ratio of Pink Kush flower and Canna Farms Bubble Hash. We take the time to inspect each pre-roll before it’s packaged, ensuring consistency in the blend so you have a smooth burn. Experience the extra rich flavour of pink kush hash infused bubble rolls with floral, spice and woody notes.The infusion of Bubble Hash increases the THC and provides a rich experience.

Our Bubble Hash is extracted by hand, using ice water and multiple screens to capture resin heads from a blend of craft dry cured flower.

Our Pink Kush flower is grown indoors, cultivated and cured with care. Flower for our pre-rolls is milled, then blended with our Bubble Hash.


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