Cali Blue Haze (Western Cannabis) 3.5g

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Cali Blue Haze from Western is a unique selected phenotype of Azure Haze which was created by crossing the popular strain Blueberry with original Haze. It’s a beautifully balanced matchup with the variety of unique parents that produces a nice Sativa effect. Sage green fluffy flowers covered in a silvery blanket of trichomes characterize this sativa leaning poly-hybrid. The flavours are also no surprise after you smell the sweet blueberry perfume combined with a woody citrus undertone from the myrcene, farnesene and limonene predominant terpene combo. The well above average THC levels will give a healthy body buzz and cerebral effect due to the balance of sativa (Haze) and Blueberry lineage. Because of this Cali Blue Haze is sure to be the favorite strain of novice and veteran cannabis consumers looking for the best of both worlds because she’s strong without being completely overpowering. After use you will experience a boost of creativity, focus and enhanced energy while at the same time a pleasant body relaxation which doesn’t lock you to the couch.


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