Cambodian (Rogue Botanicals)

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From Rogue’s vintage stash, the name of this Landrace sativa strain is indicative of where it comes from, with the lineage tracing back to the mountains in Cambodia. The growing plant is easy on the eyes with specs of purple scattered amongst the thick layer of trichomes, both characteristics that carry through to the finished bud. Much to the delight of the consumer, the flavour profile is highlighted by a combination of fruity and earthy scents, with gassy undertones that linger during and after consumption.
Dominant Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool

2 reviews for Cambodian (Rogue Botanicals)

  1. Steve-O

    Kind of a sweet and spicy smell/taste. Very up feeling, light with a bit of relax. Keeps me gaming all night long ! Big fan 8.8/10 ?

  2. Rebecca Scott

    This is what I look for in cannabis….
    Uplifting, zero paranoia, very medicinal, long-lasting buzz.
    Great for daytime energy, but also relaxing enough for after supper and bedtime.
    Unavailable right now, I really hope there is more forthcoming, it is my favourite strain of all time!

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