CBN 1:2 Nighttime Formula (MediPharm Labs)

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High-CBN, High-THC (10mg of CBN per mL to 20mg of THC per mL) 300mg of Total CBN and 600mg of THC per 30mL bottle

MediPharm Labs CBN1:2 is a pharma-quality high-CBN Nigh????me Formula containing 10mg/mL of CBN and 20mg/mL of THC made using refined CBN material. Produced at MediPharm Labs using strict manufacturing standards to bring you the highest quality and purity.
Made with sustainably and ethically sourced MCT carrier oil
Packaged in a pharmaceutical-grade ambler glass bottle
Activation value is equal to 0.3mL of oil product comes packaged with a 0.3mL syringe for easy and consistent dosing.


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