Cherry Punch (Blkmkt)

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A relentless pursuit for top shelf genetics; indoor grown with precise nutrient management, hang dried, meticulously hand trimmed, expertly cured, and delicately packaged. The highest standards from seed to shelf. BLKMKT is flower at its finest.

A heavy-hitting hybrid with a strong terpene profile and a musky, berry aroma

Terpenes: Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Humulene, Beta-Pinene, Caryophyllene, Fenchol

Flavour: Earthy, with a soft sweet berry finish

3 reviews for Cherry Punch (Blkmkt)

  1. Master Kief

    5 Stars right off the hop. These nugs SHINE. The trichomes nearly blinded me when I opened this jar. Yes, jar. BlkMkt packs their weed in glass jars.
    I love this strain. This mid day strain is great for being creative, doing anything outside, or just enjoying the day. These guys have blown other brands out of the water with their quality. Smoke sparingly, not recommended for sharing because its just too damn good.

  2. cLiNtY (verified owner)

    CherryRificly Delicious !!!

  3. Nathan Clifton

    Definite 5. Hits fast with a really nice buzz. Perfect after work weed. Solid $40 buy.
    These guys grow their product, which is actually rare. Comes in a glass jar. Pride of production is evident. I hope Wiid keeps getting it.

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