Chocolate Marshmallows (Jenn’s Budz)

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Jenn’s OG Chocolate Marshmallows crosses the
legendary heavy hitter, Gorilla Glue #4 with Mint Chocolate Chip. These dense evergreen-shaded buds are snowy with a thick coating of crystalline trichomes. This exotic bud has a complex terpene profile, with Limonene, found in citrus fruit peels, Caryophyllene, familiar to black pepper and cinnamon, and Camphene, a reminder of pine
needles and fresh winter air.

1 review for Chocolate Marshmallows (Jenn’s Budz)

  1. basstich

    Perfect combo for a hybrid. The mints make the hoot smooth and the gorilla glue gets the high potency hit. Nugs are more loose but we’ll cured and nice trichome structure. Good anytime high.

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