Coastal Sage (Tantalus) Pre-Roll

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Coastal S.A.G.E from Tantalus Labs is a unique sativa dominant hybrid with a rich lineage: a cross of Zeta (OG Kush x S.A.G.E.) and Sour Diesel, bred by the illustrious Mojave Richmond. Coastal S.A.G.E grows tall in cultivation, producing large resinous buds usually expected from a broad-leaf kush. Once hang-dried and cured, these buds reveal hues of earthy green and gold. This terpinolene dominant cultivar expresses lush flavours of lime and fuel, with undertones of sandalwood and sage. It is a cultivar that perfectly balances its hybridized traits, much like its parent: Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium (S.A.G.E). Coastal S.A.G.E offers a unique experience for customers excited by potent, powerful, zesty sativas.

1 review for Coastal Sage (Tantalus) Pre-Roll

  1. Lisa M.

    Nice earthy flavour profile. Great day time high. Little to no burnout. I like that I am able to keep a nice focused, balanced and uplifted high. Definitely one of my favs.

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