Deep Space Ginger Ale Galaxy (Tweed)

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Welcome to Deep Space. Small, potent and ready-to-go, Deep Space Ginger Ale Galaxy is full-flavoured and bold, offering the gingery bite of a classic ginger ale but with a unique Deep Space Twist. Fueled by 10mg THC, this infused carbonated beverage comes in a 222ml sleek can.

Flavour Profile: Fresh Ginger, Fruity, Spicy

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2 reviews for Deep Space Ginger Ale Galaxy (Tweed)

  1. Duck

    If you like Ginger Ale and Weed you’ll like the Ginger Ale Deep Space. Check it out!

  2. Lisa M.

    Not bad at all. It is equal flavour of weed and ginger. Took me a couple swigs to get used to the flavour. But it’s good. Will get again.

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