Banana Mints (EastCann)

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This indica smells a bit like kiwi, giving a banana adjacent taste. The extra fruitiness is evidence of a luscious stash of terpenes and flavonoids. The rather intoxicating aroma is both pleasantly tart and honey sweet. Remarkably, the banana flavor follow through into the smoke, amidst the citrusy terpenes and something reminiscent of chocolate. The green and earthy color of this beautiful bud highlights the light orange hair and crystal tricomes.

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2 reviews for Banana Mints (EastCann)

  1. basstich

    Everything EastCann produces is top notch. This dirty banana has an amazing kick and flavour. No harshness of smoke through the bong and burned nice and white. Nicely cured nugs that preserved the aroma and flavors. Buy any EastCann product and you won’t be disappointed

  2. Duck

    This Dirty Banana is a real nice Indica, great flavour nice high. EastCann puts out great stuff and this one is perfect for those chillaxin’ days you just wanna roll up a huge joint and enjoy the day!

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