Dosi-Pie (Tenzo)

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DoSi Pie is a unique cross between Do-Si-Dos and Velvet Pie. The result is colourful, purple flowers, lime green and violet leaves and shiny trichomes. An aesthetically pleasing looking strain with a bold, pungent aroma that sets itself apart from many strains.

4 reviews for Dosi-Pie (Tenzo)

  1. TheDougler420

    Tenzo = Terps! Just like their other strains, they nailed it again! Flavor is top notch and the high had me floatin 🙂

  2. Six blade leaf

    Smooth and citrusy. Not too sticky and a great sociable smoke. Great for passing around with friends.

  3. Sirach1331

    Absolutely phenomenal flower right here.
    Knocked my socks off.
    Tickled me in spots I forgot I had.
    Outstanding Terps.
    You will be gazing in Awe at these Jewels.
    Nose is off the hook citrusy stank with notes of funk.
    I am going back right now to get some more.

  4. cLiNtY (verified owner)

    Tried and True,
    I’ve had the pleasure of consuming this flower many times and the only thing I can say is,
    WithOut a doubt, 5⭐️ FLoWeRZzz 4SuReLy…

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