Dry Sift Hash (Tantalus)


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Tantalus Labs Dry Sift is made from single-origin, high-THC flower that is flash frozen and sifted for high purity, potency, and flavour. Quality concentrates require quality starting materials and using quality flower results in a potent high THC product.

This Dry Sift was extracted from the first tumble of our Blood Orange flower to ensure purity. Tumbling flash frozen flower through screens isolates Blood Orange trichomes from plant material to produce a Grade A concentrated product. Blood Orange is a sativa leaning hybrid, bred from a cross of AE77 Cali Orange and Appalachia. It bursts with orange citrus flavour, and undertones of spicy hash. Sharing a lineage of Cali-O, fans of the popular Tangie strain won’t want to miss trying this variant.

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