Electric Sunrise (Haven St)

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Electric Sunrise, aka Orange Bud, is a descended from the Skunk family, which lends it a sharp, skunky aroma with a strong note of citrus as its name would suggest. It also packs a strong effect despite its medium THC potency.

1 review for Electric Sunrise (Haven St)

  1. dougjarvis (verified owner)

    Really high quality, but a little dry (not Wiid’s fault). I didn’t have a boveda, but that would have taken care of it. I haven’t been overwhelmed with Haven St’s products but I like their bud enough to keep going back to try their strains.

    For me, this is their best. Great light taste, a bit fruity and a surprisingly uplifting high considering the 8ths I have smoked were only about 16%. Smells terrific and will remind you of the days of having to double bag your 1/4 to hide it from your mom.

    Price point is terrific too. When it’s around, I’ll buy it.

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