Frosted Grapefruit Crumble (Western Cannabis)

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Western Cannabis Frosted Grapefruit crumble is produced via hydrocarbon extraction to produce a high THC product while maintaining Terpenes for a full spectrum experience. Due to the freshness of the inputs and focus on the terpenes and taste, the consistency of this beautiful extract would be described as a wet crumble. This extract has been crafted with strain-specific Sativa inputs. Enjoyed with your favorite dab rig or dab pen.

5 reviews for Frosted Grapefruit Crumble (Western Cannabis)

  1. pa v l y o n

    excellent gooey and soft texture, bright, colorful, terpy, and packs a punch full of flavor! this is an amazing live resin to come out of Regina.

  2. basstich

    Good crumble. with the crumble vaporized smooth and I tasted slight sugar flavour. Very light taste. Great price for a crumble

  3. Francis

    Nice crumble texture, little lite of the flavor side, good sativa effects.
    Price is good and it comes from a local producer.
    all around I will be purchasing again

  4. TheDougler420

    So easy to work with! Great consistency and produces tons of vapor from just a small piece! Awesome value!

  5. Duck

    Very nice consistency… almost looks waxy but when you dig in, it’s dryer then it looks and crumbles so nice! Felt a slight pinch in the back of the throat but overall fairly smooth both in and out with good flavour.

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