Garlic Jelly (Weed Pool)


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Garlic Jelly indica is a cross between Jelly Breath and GMO (created by Divine Genetics). It was bred in the Netherlands and gets its name based on its potent smell. Beautiful crops that look and smell the part of a stinky but beautiful strain. One the hardest and densest buds available. It is a rock-hard flower. It exhibits a very high THC potency and powerful strain. Notes of petrol and spice from this unique strain. The bud is shaped like small pebbles with a thick layer of resin.

The strain is 90% indica. This is a flower that gives both new and experienced users a solid response. The buds are pungent and carry a garlic-like aroma. Earthy tone with a spicy inhale. The trichomes are full of resin and both attract and deter trimmers.

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