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This award winning Skunkmaster Flex genetic is known as GMO or Garlic Cookies. It owes its gassy undertones & shape to Chemdawg’s spade shaped buds. Forum GSC dots the dense light green buds with hints of purple & bakery aromas. each product is hand processed & hand packaged in re-usable containers designed to preserve freshness. No leafy trim, no stemmy shake, just high-quality whole flower pre-rolls, milled to just the right consistency for a smooth experience- accurate to the strain you choose, not its leftovers.

Partake Cannabis is committed to craft from start to finish. Real. Craft. Flower.

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3 reviews for GMO (Partake) Pre-Roll

  1. semiprecious stoner

    This product had an interesting aroma upon opening its container. Reminiscent of chlorine swimming-pool smell or even a musky basement.. Regardless; I’m a sucker for pre-rolls described as being rolled using bud and not leftover shake! The high was deep and dreamy. Odd smell but I’d definitely buy these agian!

  2. ryan

    the worst taste and smell ive ever experienced from marijuana. youd have to pay me to try this again!

  3. Duck

    Got more of a musky aroma not horrible.. nice mellow Indica and pretty sweet deal for the price I would definitely get again.

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