Grease Bucket 4 Star Bubble Hash (Lady Jane Labs)

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Live 4-Star Bubble Hash, hand-crafted by The Hash Order. This Hash is a heavy hitter with high THC levels. This extract is a very versatile form of hash that can be enjoyed as a bowl topper and in joints. It also has enough meltability that it can also be dabbed at low temperature – moderate amount of residue to be expected. The Hash Order is dedicated to keeping the traditional art of crafting premium-grade Hash alive in Canada’s legal market. The flower for this batch was sourced from passionate growers and was gently cared-for throughout its growing and harvest cycle. The last step involved is a unique curing method which melds the trichome heads into a uniform fusion of terpene and cannabinoid-rich hashish. Please store in fridge to preserve freshness.

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1 review for Grease Bucket 4 Star Bubble Hash (Lady Jane Labs)

  1. basstich

    Best and hash and a true bubble hash. Well whipped and creamy. Waxy texture and very oily. Able to dab it in a rig or mix it with bud or smoke it by itself. Great product and strong high. Very smooth smoke and almost no carbon build up on the banger

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