Green Monkey Moon Rocket Infused Blunt (Dab Bods) Pre-Roll

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Dab Bods Green Monkey Moon rocket blunts are derived from the powerful combination of top flower, resin and kief packing 2 grams of impressively high THC levels. Convenient to consume and revealing the fully balanced strain “GGC also known as Gods Green Crack” you will enter into another planet of happy and euphoric, energetic brain and body numbing spaces. It features flavours that bring out hints of wood, herbs and fruit with spicy, earthy after tones. Indicative of its combined lineage God Bud and Green Crack, this has been know to be one of the most powerful and highly sought after phenos. Similar to the popular moon rocks” which are well known to the illicit market, this provides an easy to consume option with an extra special wrap. 1 x 2 gram blunt per pack


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