Hash Rosin (Good Buds)

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Our hash rosin is a potent and terpy rosin blend squished from our in-house hash. Golden in colour, and squished from solventless and live resin hash in small batches.
Extracted exclusively on Salt Spring Island, BC.

75-85% THC

Potent, terpy concentrate
Squished in small batches from our finest solventless hash
Ocean grown in organic soils
Strong terpenes and cannabinoids with zero chemical solvents

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5 reviews for Hash Rosin (Good Buds)

  1. Nextinline

    These legal market extracts are amazing! The lack of harsh solvents makes these products so smooth and really showcases the terpene profile. This particular hash rosin has an almost whipped Consistency and a Is little lighter in texture than I’m used to but smokes beautifully and Is definitely one of my new favourites!

  2. Grom

    A really awesome rosin that’s insanely smooth, only the biggest hoots will leave you coughing. You’ll experience a strong but very relaxed high that will leave you with goods vibes for whatever your up to.

  3. jimmy

    I don’t get a relaxed high,LOL, I get insanely stoned and HIGH AF.
    this has to be the best hash ever made, WOW!!
    I found it racey…..repeat, NOT relaxing.

  4. Duck

    Love love love this one!!!! Sooo smooth and 3 good rips got me just in the right mind set! Definelty recommend!

  5. Proscan65

    I’m so freaking stone lol.
    I’m a veteran daily smoker
    This rosin sure packs a punch 🥊

    Props to the wizards 🧙‍♂️ 🌟🔥✨⚡️

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