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Our Headband crosses a specific phenotype of Sour Diesel from Lao, Thai and Mexican crosses. The OG kush delivers that knockout punch and high ceiling. This strain is easy to grow, and flowering time is 8-10 weeks. The plant tends to double in height during flowering and produces large fan leaves. Experience a distinct diesel aroma with a potent lemon flavour profile. Each package contains four seeds.

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4 reviews for Headband (Pristine) Seeds

  1. Lightning

    Bought twice.
    1 sprouted out of 8.
    Turned out to be male.
    Do not buy these.

  2. Z

    Complete duds. DO not buy.

  3. Moderngreenturbo

    These seeds are fantastic, absolutely ZERO issues with germination or sexing as stated in previous reviews. I germinated using unbleached paper towel on a plate wrapped in plastic in a dark space. All produced tap roots within 24 hours and were placed into living soil. They sprouted and began to stretch within 48 hours and continued to show great growth until harvest.

    Yield 4/5
    Quality 4.5/5

  4. tavish

    Massive buds, chrystally dense, with a gassy, diesel, fruity smell that fades to purple, all 4 seeds produced, 2 distinct phenotypes. Great grow. Check the grow out at @gas.grove on instagram

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