HiWay Hash (HiWay)

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With its first product to market, Hiway hash will bring you back to a simpler time when hash was king. This solventless concentrate is made by compressing dry sift kief from our trichome dense, whole plant hang dried cannabis.

The result is a beautiful brick of blonde hash that is cut into 2g pieces and packaged with care.

2 reviews for HiWay Hash (HiWay)

  1. Moderngreenturbo

    Enjoyable product, but has alot of similarities as kief. It easy to serve and breaks off nicely with a slow burn. Perfect for anyone looking to add a little more flavour or extra strength.

  2. Kaleb

    Excellent in all regards, this brick of blonde hash is delicious in taste and incredibly smooth to smoke. HiWay Hash hits a euphoric 10/10, with amazing value in its price. This product was an instant favorite, is my product of the year.

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