Ice Wreck (Sitka Micro)

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Brace yourself!! If you think the Titanic took a hard hit from ice, Look out! Premium Micro Producer Craft Kings has done it again, knocking it out of the park with Ice Wreck. Craft Kings took this strain to the limit, allowing it to run a full 10 week flower cycle, and it paid off. The nugs stacked early and kept growing to produce huge colorful buds with purple undertones, coated in sugary trichomes. The nose is insane! As per norm, the beautiful flower was hang dried and cured for 3 weeks until the perfect snap, then hand trimmed by legacy trimmers. With a searing cerebral high and a deep physical body stone, Ice Wreck’s dramatic name serves as an accurate description of its potent effects. This memorable strain is a combination of resinous Ice and landrace-descended Trainwreck. Ice Wreck offers a rich, earthy aroma alongside a simultaneously focused and luxuriously relaxing high. Each pouch is hand packed to ensure the flower is as premium as the day it was taken down, and you get what you deserve……the perfect experience.


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