Jack Herer Bubble Hash (Indiva)

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Solventless Concentrate – ice water hashish from single cultivars with high terpene content. Freeze Dried and cold cured for terpene preservation, flavour and shelf stability.
Jack Herer – energetic body high with significant CBG
1 gram balls – ball shape reduces surface area and preserves freshness

3 reviews for Jack Herer Bubble Hash (Indiva)

  1. semiprecious stoner

    This product is formed as a sphere. The outer layer is dark and hardened like you would expect to see in a hash. The inside of the ball is lighter in colour and not as compacted, more reminiscent of a pressed bubble hash. I broke pieces of it off to roll up in joint with other weed. I was expecting a much heavier effect as hash usually hits me hard.

  2. Anonymous

    Little round ball of dark hash, but when broken apart the Color lightens. Breaks up well to add to joints. (Hits well when mixed)
    Nice white ash when in a bong, it’s a clean easy hit. (Was more of a relaxing effects. Not what I was expecting for a Jack Herer strain.)

  3. Kreature

    A true hash lovers dream! Nice and sticky with a beautiful melt when heated and smoked!

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