Jack Herer (Indiva) Pre-Roll

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Classic Jack Herer by Indiva.

3 reviews for Jack Herer (Indiva) Pre-Roll

  1. Nextinline

    These things are great for day use! A super affordable option, I’ve had amazing luck with these prerolls in that they always burn evenly all the way down to a clean white ash. Clear headed and functional the mundane repetitive task of life become a little more entertaining.

  2. Dougler420

    Great daytime option! Not too overpowering. Fully functional uppy vibes. Good roll quality as well. Haven’t had any issues with uneven burn.

  3. Semiprecious Stoner

    I loved this brand’s OG Kush pre-rolls but once those ones were sold out I tried these Jack Herer ones. These ones hit harder than anticipated! Spacey and heavy. They are rolled nicely and burn evenly. I would definitely smoke these again!

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