Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Gummies OB (Wana)

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Japapanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1
Unique sweetness inspired by this rare Asian fruit.

2 Gummis per pack
10 mg of CBD / 5mg of THC per gummy

Wana is an award-winning cannabis brand, currently
ranked as the #1 edibles brand in the United States.
Wana Sour Gummies are handcrafted with vegan and
gluten-free ingredients, and taste like real fruit thanks to
all-natural flavouring and colouring. You’ll never find mineral oil, artificial dyes, or artificial sugars in our products.
Wana Sour Gummies are available in a variety of classes,
THC-to-CBD ratios, and flavours.

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1 review for Japanese Citrus Yuzu 2:1 Gummies OB (Wana)

  1. Melanie Munro

    I have a pretty high tolerance to weed and edibles, but this gummy. I don’t know how but I had 1 gummy and it pretty much knocked me off my ass. Lasted about 2-3 hours. Made me very sleepy but kept my mind awake so I had a little bit of a hard time falling asleep. Other than that the taste is pretty amazing and I work at a weed dispensary and these sell fast!! Highly recommend:)

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