Lemon Berry (NESS)

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Lemon Berry from -ness might sound like your favourite ‘90s lip gloss but it’s actually a well-balanced, fruity hybrid with high THC. Its terpene profile imparts a bright and citrusy flavour dotted with vanilla bean and wild blueberries, rounding off with a creamy finish. A descendant of Lemon Thai and Dabney Blue, this indoor-grown strain boasts oversized dark green buds flecked with striking orange pistils. Just gorgeous. Explore your -ness.

2 reviews for Lemon Berry (NESS)

  1. Steve Lawlor

    Solid puff!! Great taste and a little more indica leaning. Highly recommended!!

  2. Cloudbear

    Absolutely amazing product! Tastes sooo good and gives me a wonderful high that is great for relaxing and binging Netflix! Definitely recommend rolling it in a Juicy Jays flavoured hemp wrap to boost that delicious flavour!

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