Live Resin Cherry Gummies (Terra Labs)

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Cherry Live Resin Rapid Onset Gummies from Terra Labs take effect fast !! Expect a classic gummy texture without all the guilt and a huge punch of flavour.
Each of the two gummies contain 5mg THC of our very own indoor single sourced cultivars. Our premium live resin extract – this entire process from plant to edible takes place all under one roof. No sugar added, natural flavours, vegan, gluten-free, and allergen free facility.

2 reviews for Live Resin Cherry Gummies (Terra Labs)

  1. Sara

    These live resin gummies by Terra are 100! love the subtle taste. And anything full spectrum/ live resin is a superior product!

  2. Lisa M.

    Unfortuntely, not the best tasting gummy. I would say more earthy as apposed to fruity. I did like the high I got when I ate 2 though.

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