Lord of the Apes Live Resin Hash (Good Buds)

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GOOD BUDS Live Resin Lord of the Apes is a potent, 5-star live resin hash full of terpy goodness. It contains the lord of all cannabinoids, CBG, and is a complex and flavourful blend. Our live resin hash is extracted from fresh frozen flowers for more terps and flavour. Grown organically, and extracted in-house on Salt Spring Island without the use of chemical solvents.

1 review for Lord of the Apes Live Resin Hash (Good Buds)

  1. Sheffilth

    First time using hash and I am rather happy. I mixed mine in with flower and vaped it in my Dynavap M. Sandwiched between flower, I felt like it definitely increased my high and extended it by an additional hour or so. Instead of having a bowl an hour, I had a second bowl with just flower about 2+ hours later, then a third bowl with more hash about an hour after that.
    Very happy with this product, good flavour and good quality.

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