Lost Cause (Jenn’s OG)

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Lost Cause is a potent Sativa-dominant gem with long lasting, full body effects thanks to its parents, the pinnacle of Dutch breeding Amnesia Haze crossed with Do-Si-Dos. A visually stunning flower reminiscent of sculpted bonsai trees with dense, tightly-woven buds and robust crusty calyx, embraced with a sticky trichome resin. Its unique, multidimensional flavour profile features sweet berry, fresh mint and tangy lemon. Caryophyllene (found in pepper and cinnamon) and Myrcene (found in mangoes and hops) finish it off for a smooth, full-bodied smoke.

1 review for Lost Cause (Jenn’s OG)

  1. basstich

    Awesome super relaxed sativa hybrid. Very spacey and forgetful great for doing nothing.
    Good citrus lime smell with spice and the flavour put out a nice berry floral flavour. Well trimmed and nice smoke. Always not irradiated which I appreciate from Jenns.

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