Mango 1:1 CBD (34th Street) Seeds


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The fruity, peppery taste of Mango combines with CBD for a functional, non-euphoric good time. As a f5, the genetics are stable, seeds produce similar results without the need for guessing. Resilient against pests & mould, this is a great choice for beginners or experienced growers. While it’s high stretch rate warrants caution for indoor grows, it handles topping & training quite well. After a 9-week flowering period expect a high yield with great terpene & cannabinoid levels.

Yield: High
THC: 9 – 15%
CBD: 9 – 15%
Terpenes: 1.5 – 2%
Flower Period: 9 weeks
Lineage: Mango Haze X Mango Sapphire

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