Mango Habanero Gummies (Mad Hatter OG)

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50mg Delta-8 THC powered by our rapid onset EAT ME Technology for predictable, consistent results in every bite. Get ready to spice things up with MAD Hatter OG Mango Habanero gummies. Packed full of whole fruit puree and enough heat to make you break a sweat. Make sure to have a cold drink nearby to douse the flames. Explore the MADness. 100% Vegan. 100% Natural. 100% Rapid onset. 5 x 10mg Delta-8 THC per pack.

1 review for Mango Habanero Gummies (Mad Hatter OG)

  1. Duck

    These are tasty not super high in THC but does have a bunch of Delta 8 THC which is basically the same thing just not as strong but the flavour you get the sweetness of the Mango then the a lil kick of heat from that Habanero just right!

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